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WatchWitz WEMEET  v.1 2

WatchWitz - WEMEET - An easy to use system where a trainer (Relay Location) located anywhere in the world, gets connected to up to 50 Classrooms (End point Location), each having 50 trainees, delivers simultaneously to all locations LIVE, shares pres

Course Genie

Like Magic, Course Genie allows you to quickly and easily convert Microsoft Word documents into interactive online courses and web pages. There's no need to spend hours learning expensive & cumbersome 3rd party software to author online courses and web



The core Platform Features Include: Audio/ Telephony, Multipoint Video, Chat, File Search, Whiteboard, File-sharing, Presentation, Remote Monitoring & Controlling, Co-authoring, CRM, and more In other words VMukti for you could be: A Simple Distributed

Carracho Client  v.1.0b10r4

Carracho Client X is the first preview of the Cocoa version of Carracho Client.

Carracho Tracker X  v.1.0

Carracho Tracker works like a directory service for Carracho Servers.

Classroom Jeopardy Games

Classroom Jeopardy Games that make learning in the classroom or boardroom a blast!!! Use our free 3000+ state-test aligned questions, or make your own questions, to play eight different games using a digital projector and any interactive board for

The Interactive Reading Lab Software for the Classroom

Make YOUR OWN interactive lessons and reading labs and have your students work on them (individually or in groups) at your classroom's or lab's computers! You can quickly and cleanly design an audio-rich learning environment for your students. One license

Beowulf Interactive Literature Software for the Classroom or Homeschool

Teach Beowulf the Anglo/Saxon folk epic with software for the classroom. Instead of using textbooks, students learn about Beowulf, early medieval history, etc. with audio, texts, questions, and complete data tracking. Classroom or lab use! Contains the

Niche Profit Classroom 2 Review

Niche Profit Classroom 2 Review Site

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review Site

Communication Applications Software for the Classroom

This 12-unit interactive, multimedia program covers interpersonal, group, and public speaking communication. Communication Applications contains complete tracking of student progress, for business communication, classroom labs, or the home school. One

Explore Virtual Machine Disk  v.2.1

Expertly explore Virtual machine disk data from corruption. Our Hyper-V VHD explorer tool is a suitable solution that permits to fix data harm issues frequently. Grab its free evaluation edition and learn steps to salvage Virtual Server data.

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